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Also your ECU is now many decades old. During this time it was occasionally exposed to extreme thermal loads, vibrations, various smaller shorts and everyday pollution. It makes no sense, to eliminate only the error you have reported to us. If we would do that, we would run the risk that in a short time another mistake could occur. Therefore, your controller is first subjected to a functional test at our workshop . It is then disassembled and cleaned in all items . All solder, counted here on a Mercedes-Benz control unit BOSCH No. 0 280 002 004 (daughter board solder pads 554, motherboard 846 solder points, so overall 1400 soldering points) are consistently soldering expertly. Then we fix the input errors detected. On average, takes such a major overhaul two days.
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Oldtimer Steuergeräte - Diagnose, Reperatur, Prüfung


Oldtimer-Steuergeräte - Peter Hemmersbach repariert defekte D-Jetronik Steuergeräte
Peter Hemmersbach repairs defective D-Jetronik control units in his workshop.
Oldtimer-Steuergeräte - alter Mercedes
The D-Jetronik injection was real "high-tech" in the late 60s and it took over the place of mechanically controlled injection systems in many top models.
Oldtimer-Steuergeräte - gepflegte Oldtimer sind auch heute zuverlässige Fahrzeuge
A classic car can even today be a very reliable vehicle. It is important to take good care of the technique and to have a little interest in the topic.


We repair D-jetronik control units
also lucas ecu´s, ignition control modules and fuel pump relays from your Vintage Car.


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